Reduce Your Power Bill By Upto 90% By Switching To Solar

Best Rooftop Solar Power Services From Industry Experts in Hyderabad

Achieve NET ZERO EMISSIONS by shifting from fossil fuel-based energy to renewable energy by engaging GreenCarbonHub. Reduce 0.84 tonnes of CO2 emissions per annum per KW of Solar power installed. Rooftop Solar Power is the best alternative to save the Earth.

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Why Choose Solar Energy?

Environmental Benefits
By installing one kw panel you can reduce .84 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. Keeping this in view Indian government has set a target of installing gigawatt by 2030.
Economical Benefits
By installing solar power you can reduce your power bill by as much as 90% and get your ROI within 3 to 4 years. After that you enjoy free power for upto 21 to 22 years.
National Interest
India imported coal worth 2.3 lakh crore between April-september of financial year 2023. We can save precious foreign exchange by switching to solar.

Why Should You Choose GCH for Your Rooftop Solar Power Project?

GreenCarbonHub is promoted by a Civil Servant with 23 years of experience in administration particularly taking care of power management, solid waste management and liquid waste management. Supported by a team of experienced subject experts GreenCarbonHub offers all Net-Zero solutions under one roof. If you are looking for the Best rooftop solar company near you in Hyderabad. Then we are just a few miles away. You might be thinking, why should you hire us for your requirement? Here are the reasons

Easy Finance Options


Free Consultancy


Lowest Industry Prices


1 Year Free Maintenance

Best Customer Service Team


Scope Of Work, Terms & Conditions As Per Highest Industry Standards


100% Quality

GCH Fulfillment

Other Benefits

Renewable & Clean Source Of Energy
As the Solar Energy is a clean and renewable source, you are helping the environment by reducing carbon footprint and protecting it by choosing solar panels for your home or office.
Solar Energy Reduces Electricity Cost
Rooftop Solar Panels can generate a good amount of electricity that can power up your home, office or industry, helping you to save a lot of money on electricity bills year after year.
Adds Value To Your Life
Choosing the rooftop solar energy adds value to your home, office or other spaces and makes it more attractive to the potential buyers. Our experts educate you with all necessary details before starting.
Low Maintenance Cost
Rooftop solar panels require less maintenance and therefore less cost. As they are stable and do not have any moving or rotating parts to generate electricity, thus they require minimum maintenance like cleaning only.
Eco-Friendly And Reduces CO2 Emissions
Solar Power is an eco-friendly and sustainable energy resource that produces zero emissions. Solar Panels harness the power of the sun to generate electricity, which further used to your requirements.

We Provide

Rooftop Solar Panel Layout Design

GreenCarbonHub, a rooftop solar company, is one of the best rooftop solar panel Layout designing companies in Hyderabad near ... you that designs your requirements properly. Layout Design is an essential stage which ensures your solar system is correctly installed and efficiently.
Our team of engineers visit your place and enquire about a few factors, including roof size, type of floor, orientation,amount of sunlight your roof receives, energy needs, building codes and regulations, etc. Then, we create a customised solar panel layout design for your rooftop solar system that maximizes energy production and minimizes costs.
If you are considering installing rooftop solar panels for home or office in Hyderabad, Call the GreenCarbonHub Team Today!

Rooftop Solar Panel Installation

As experts, we can understand that choosing a Solar System for home or office is a big decision. At GreenCarbonHub, we always try to... understand the customer requirements precisely, thus making us your first choice for Rooftop Solar Panel Installation Services in Hyderabad.

Our team of Solar System installers guide you in each and every step of the product. Moreover, our expertise will help you installing the right system within your budget. Further, it saves money on your energy bills and reduces your surrounding C02 Levels.

We assure that the right and long-life products are perfectly installed and work efficiently. Choose the Best Rooftop Solar Panel Company for your needs.

Rooftop Solar Commissioning Services

After installing your rooftop solar panels, it is necessary to have a solar commissioning. Solar Commissioning helps you ensure that ...the rooftop solar system is installed correctly and safely. Benefits of Rooftop Solar Commissioning Services:
- Ensures that whole rooftop solar power system is installed correctly
- Ensures that the solar system is connected safely to the grid
- Get your system up and running quickly.

Our GreenCarbonHub team of expert solar technicians will visit your rooftop solar power system project and make sure that it is operating perfectly.

If you are looking for an expert solar system commissioning team in Hyderabad, contact us today.

GCH Promise

As a net zero services company we take utmost care to ensure sustainability in all our activities.

Solar system designed by our inhouse design team ensures optimum output throughout the year maximizing your returns.

Through our 24/7 customer support we ensure that we are with you throughout the life cycle of the project.

Recently Completed Projects in Hyderabad by GreenCarbonHub

Ground Mounted

Elevated Structure

High-Rise Structure

Steps We Take To Ensure Optimum Production

- Site visit to assess the structure strength as it has to bear a weight of 15 to 20kg per sq meter.

- Expertly designed mounting structure keeping in view nature of surface like ground mounted, rooftop and shed mounted.

- Our design team will assess the shade free area available using 3D diagram for optimal production.

- Our design experts will propose the most aesthetic structural design that can withstand wind speeds of 160 to 200 kmph.

- Sufficient care will be taken to keep the slope of the panels and the mounting structure to ensure optimum production.

- Hot-dip galvanized structure to last for 25 years.


Poly Crystalline

Mono Crystalline

String Inverter

Mounting Structure

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