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Why Choose An Industrial Rooftop Solar Power System For Your Business?

Industries like manufacturing, food processing, fabrication, etc., require a lot of electricity to power up devices like street lights, water supply, exhaust fans, etc. Continuously costing the businesses heavily. The Industrial Rooftop Solar System is emerging as a source of renewable energy and also an alternative to thermal power. With the installation of Solar System for commercial use, businesses benefit a lot, which include,

Environmental Benefits

By installing one kw solar panel, you can reduce 0.84 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. Keeping this in view, the Indian government has set a target of installing Gigawatt by 2030.

Economical Benefits

By installing solar power, you can reduce your power bill by as much as 90% and get your ROI within 3 to 4 years. After that you enjoy free power for upto 21 to 22 years.

National Interest

India imported coal worth 2.3 lakh crore between April to September of financial year 2023. We can save precious foreign exchange by switching to solar.

Other benefits

Renewable & Clean Source Of Energy

As Solar Energy is a clean and renewable source, you are helping the environment by reducing carbon footprint and protecting the Earth.

Solar Energy Reduces Electricity Cost

Rooftop Solar Panels can generate a good amount of electricity to power your home, which helps you to save energy bills each year.

Maintenance Of Industrial Rooftop Solar Panels Is Low

As the solar panels are stable, they do not require any high maintenance services, which saves time and money.

Eco-Friendly And Reduces CO2 Emissions

Solar Power is an eco-friendly and sustainable energy resource that produces zero emissions. Solar Panels harness the power of the sun to generate electricity. Solar panels for Commercial and Business use help to decrease a lot of CO2 emission.

How Businesses Can Utilize Industrial Solar Power System?

Discover how Industries and businesses can use Industrial Solar Power Systems and Solar Energy for their daily purposes.

Rooftop Solar For Manufacturing Industries

Manufacturing Industries like Aerospace, Automobile, textile, Chemicals, Consumer Goods, Agricultural Machinery, etc. can use Rooftop Solar Energy to power their devices and components like manufacturing machines and machine tools, equipment, lighting systems, HVAC systems, etc.

Rooftop Solar For Educational institutes

Educational Institutes like Schools, Colleges and Private Institutes consist of computer laboratories, science laboratories, research and development centers that consume a lot of electricity. Installing Rooftop Solar Energy in educational institutes can help save money on these devices.

Rooftop Solar For Pharma Companies

Pharma Company is a large commercial space where electricity and water plays a major role. Due to large space, it consists of a lot of machinery and devices that generate high electric bills. By installing Solar Power Plant in Pharma Companies, a lot of money can be saved.

Rooftop Solar For Cold Storages

Cold Storages and Warehouses are the storage spaces used by Manufacturers, Importers, Exporters and Farmers to store their products, vegetables etc. for increased shelf life. Rooftop Solar Energy can be used to power up the cooling systems, lights, fans, forklifts, etc.

Rooftop Solar For Hospitals

Hospitals consist of a lot of devices that run on electricity. Even operations require continuous power supply for multiple hours. Installing rooftop solar panels in hospitals will be an advantage and saves a lot of bills and sometimes lives too. Let the sun power your organization.

Rooftop Solar For Hatcheries

Hatchery centres like poultry, prawns, etc. use many machines for their processing. Right from egg collection to bird or fish delivery, hatcheries use incubators, egg transfers, hatchers, air conditioners, etc. Installation of Rooftop Solar Panels help hatcheries save a lot of money.

Along with above businesses, Rooftop Solar Panels help any type of commercial spaces and businesses like Hotels, Resorts, Defence Establishments, Restaurants, Agencies, Shopping Malls, Supermarkets, Banks and other Office Spaces to produce and utilize the solar energy that could save a lot on their electricity bill.

Requirements For Installation Of Commercial Rooftop Solar Panel System In Your Space

Sufficient Rooftop

To install any Industrial Rooftop Solar System, you need sufficient space with a proper floor and enough strength to bear the load of rooftop solar panels.

Power Connection

The industry or business should have proper power or electrical connection to install the solar system with sufficient contracted load.

Permits To Install

To install industrial rooftop solar panels for your business, you need to get a few permits like a No Objection Certificate (NOC).

Advantages For Industrial/Commercial Establishments

In most of the states commercial power tariff ranges between Rs 12 to Rs 16 per unit and usually revised upwards periodically. By installing rooftop solar panels, Businesses and Industries can get rid of this fixed expenditure by switching over to solar power. This not only enables them to utilise their open rooftops productively but also help them in reducing their monthly power bills by upto 50%.
Depending upon the roof structure you have, our expert designers provide you the best design to ensure optimum production.

  • 13.8% input tax credit can be claimed by industries.
  • 25 year product performance guarantee
  • Accelerated depreciation at the rate of 40% in the first year, 40% in the second year and 20% in the third year.

We Provide

Rooftop Solar Panel Layout Design Services

Layout Design is an essential stage that ensures your solar system is correctly installed and efficiently. GreenCarbonHub,... is one of the best Industrial Rooftop Solar Panel layout designing companies near you that designs your requirements properly. Our team of engineers visits your Industry or Organization and enquires about a few factors, including your rooftop size, type of floor, orientation, amount of sunlight your roof receives, energy needs, building codes and regulations, etc.

Then, we create a customized solar panel layout design for your industrial solar system that maximizes energy production and minimizes costs. Let us know if you want Commercial Rooftop Solar Panel Systems in your budget. Call the GreenCarbonHub Team Today!

Rooftop Solar Panel Installation Services

As experts, we can understand that choosing an Industrial Solar System and installing perfect Industrial Solar ... panels is a big decision. At GreenCarbonHub, we always try to understand our customer’s requirements precisely, thus making us their first choice for Industrial and Commercial Rooftop Solar Panel System Installation Services. Installation of Solar System involves a lot of steps. Our team of technicians takes care of each and every step in the process. Moreover, our expertise will help you install the right system within your budget. Further, it saves money on your energy bills and reduces your surrounding C02 Levels.
We assure you that the right and long-life Industrial Solar Panels are perfectly installed and work efficiently. Choose the Best Industrial Rooftop Solar Company for your needs wisely.

Rooftop Solar Commissioning Services

After installing Industrial rooftop solar panels for your business, it is necessary to have a solar commissioning.... Solar Commissioning helps you to ensure the rooftop solar system installed correctly and safely.
Benefits of Rooftop Solar Commissioning Services:
- Ensures that whole rooftop solar power system is installed correctly
- Ensures that the solar system is connected safely to the grid
- Get your system up and running quickly
Our GreenCarbonHub team of expert solar technicians will visit your rooftop solar power system project and make sure that it is operating perfectly. If you are looking for an expert solar system commissioning team, contact us today.

Why Should You Choose GCH For Your Industrial Rooftop Solar Project?

If you are looking for the best Commercial and Industrial Rooftop solar company in Hyderabad. Then we are just a few miles away. You might be thinking, why should you hire GreenCarbonHub for your requirements? Here are the reasons

GreenCarbonHub Is Led By A Civil Servant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A grid-tied solar system is connected to the electrical grid in your area, so you can sell the excess amount of generated electricity back to the utility company. Whereas, the off-grid solar system is not connected to the electrical grid, which means you will store the energy in the batteries and use it for home purposes later.

The cost to install an industrial rooftop solar energy system depends on
- Size of the system
- The type of equipment we choose
- And the location of the installation
To get the precise cost or estimation, contact our free consultation team.

The amount of money that anyone save on energy bills by installation of solar systems depends on few factors, including
- Size of the industrial rooftop solar energy system
- The current energy consumption.

Payback period for an industrial solar energy system will be varying according to the cost of the system, amount of energy that a system generates, and also the price of each electricity unit in your area.

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