As more and more stringent regulatory laws are brought in by the government to fulfil netzero commitment by 2070, it is imperative for the organisations to access a platform which provides all Net Zero solutions under one roof and at the same time ensure competitive prices for net zero products, services and AMCs, as for most of them value discovery is not yet done.

All platforms including the leading ones assume similar purchase decisions for both high value and low value products. However in reality low value purchase decisions can be taken instantly whereas high value purchases require a much more elaborate planning including gathering data related to the products, referencing,learning previous project details,comparing various vendors' quotes and most importantly get an assured and reliable after sale service.

Another major problem which buyers encounter on other platforms is information overload when they request for quotes. Most of the calls are irrelevant and unstructured and unorganised. Greencarbonhub addresses this problem by providing information in an organised manner as per specifications provided by the clients through only one channel I.e.greencarbonhub

Greencarbonhub intends to make the products, services and AMCs related to net zero emissions accessible and affordable through a transparent online bidding process and reverse bid. Easy Finance options are also available for various products.

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Purchase products, services and AMCs for your commercial, industrial or other purposes

Peruse Product information and purchase by inviting online bids

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Where Vendors/AMCs are already finalised get best price through Reverse Bid

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