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Green Building Certification Services in India:

The growing concern of climate change is leading to the Green Buildings Program (or sustainable constructions) nowadays. The lifecycle of a building is one of the environment impacting studies, which further resulted in formation of Green Building Project Management where new constructions need to follow the Green Building Standards so it won’t affect climate anymore. 

Green Building Certification is a program where the constructed buildings or spaces are assessed and confirms whether they are following the Green Building Standards or not.

The process of certification requires few assessments, which require guidance. Our expert green building certification services will guide the construction owners who are looking to get sustainable building certification. Here are top Green Certification Programs and Institutions:

1. Indian Green Building Certification:

Indian Green Building Certification, shortly called IGBC, is a certification that is awarded to the projects who adopt best green design measures. IGBC is administered by Indian Green Building Council, which is a member of Green Building Council, shortly called as USGBC.

2. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design:

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, shortly called LEED, is a green building rating system where a Green Certificate is awarded to the projects that follow Green Measures. LEED is administered by the U.S Green Building Council, shortly called as USGBC.

3. Bureau of Energy Efficiency Certification:

Bureau of Energy Efficiency, simply called BEE Certification, is a certification that is awarded to the products that consume less electricity, which cost less and produce high efficiency. BEE is an agency established by the Government of India under the Ministry of Energy. 

4. Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment:

Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment, simply called GRIHA Certification, is one more prestigious green certification program that evaluates your building’s performance throughout its life cycle. This program is developed by The Energy and Resources Institute and adopted by the Indian Government. 

The areas of helping the people to get Green Certification includes

  • IT Parks

  • Hotels

  • Commercial Buildings

  • Institutes or any other organizations

  • Townships

  • Housing Societies

  • Factories, and a lot more areas.

Our Guidance Involves

The guidance to get sustainable certification involves 

  • Providing initial inputs in designing your building or other space.

  • Reviewing your project design

  • Monitoring the construction of your project and make sure it is going well and sustainable.

  • Coordinating with the stakeholders and certifying authorities like IGBC, WELL, EDGE, etc. to follow the system and get certified.

If you are ready to adopt the Green Building Certification Systems and Green Building Standards, then it would be easy for you to achieve Green Building Certification in a short period of time.

Why Choose GCH?

If you are looking for help in achieving Green Building Certification, then our expert channel partners are just a few miles away to help you achieve it. You might be thinking, why should you choose us for your requirement? Here are the reasons

  • Standardised scope of work

  • Lowest Industry Prices

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  • AI and Machine Learning based preventive maintenance

  • 24/7 customer support.

  • Generate Green Credits after the service is availed.

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