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Composting Services in India:

A simple action from a homemaker like throwing away kitchen waste, be it raw or cooked, contributes to generation of huge amounts of methane gas, which is a harmful GreenHouse Gas. Home Composting offers a simple yet effective method of tackling this menace. Composting is a process of converting the kitchen waste (also called organic matter) into nutrient-rich matter (called compost). The process involves microorganisms that break down the organic matter into useful substances. This converted useful substance is used to improve the soil quality in agriculture and other farming purposes. 

If you are looking to recycle your kitchen waste, then our expert channel partners are here to help you. Hire the best composting services provider near you.

Our Composting Services Include:

We provide services to domestic and commercial purposes. Our expert channel partner’s services include.

  • Commissioning of Organic Waste Converters (OWC).

  • Maintenance of equipment.

No more wastage of kitchen scrap. Help us to manage the waste!

Benefits of Composting Organic Waste:

The benefits of composting organic waste are 

  • Composting reduces the waste material.

  • Composted matter improves the soil quality and fertility, further helping farming.

  • It reduces the usage of artificial and soil quality decreasing chemical fertilizers.

  • Production of Biogas for cooking and industrial purposes.

  • Reduces GreenHouse Gas emissions.

Why Choose GCH?

If you are looking for the best composting services for office, industrial and domestic composting services near you, then our experts are just a few miles away to help you achieve it. You might be thinking, why should you choose us for your requirement? Here are the reasons

  • Standardised scope of work

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  • Channel Partners with 7+ years of experience.

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