Vegetable market waste converted to biogas in Hyderabad.

Setting up plants that generate Biogas from organic or biodegradable waste (aka wet waste)
is an excellent way towards reaching NetZero commitments. One such Biogas plant has been set up by Ahuja Engineering Services Pvt Ltd (AESPL) and CSIR -Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) at the Bowenpally Wholesale Vegetable Market in Hyderabad.

This plant uses AGR technology for high-rate biomethanation and was set up with funding received from Department of Biotechnology, GoI and Department of Agricultural Marketing, Telangana state.

Biogas plants convert organic waste (aka wet waste) into Biogas, which is mainly a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide. At the Bowenpally market, the Biogas plant processes an average of 10 tons/day of damaged or unusable vegetables and converts it into Biogas. The Biogas formed is used for producing 300 to 400 units of electricity per day and replaces 30 kg LPG/day at the Canteen inside the market yard premises. Thus this plant not only eliminates the monetary and environmental cost of transporting this 10 ton/day waste to a landfill site, but also produces renewable electricity on site and replaces the entire daily fossil fuel i.e. LPG usage in the canteen.

This plant also avoids at least 1,750 tons of CO2 (equivalent) emissions per year thereby heloing in India’s obligations towards NetZero commitments. No wonder that this plant caught the eye of the honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and he mentioned it in his Mann Ki Baat Program in 2021.
AESPL has set up more than 30+ commercial Biogas plants that use various feedstocks such
as kitchen waste, cow dung, landfill leachate, poultry litter, etc as the feedstock. More information
about the plant and company can be found in the video below and at


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