TrashBot - World's first completely automated segregation system

Approx. Price: ₹100
Vendor: Trashcon Labs Private Limited

Net-Zero Impact
Net-Zero Claims
  • Reduces pollution levels
  • Locally sourced material
  • Recycled / Reused material used


This is mixed municipal solid waste or mixed waste also known as unsegregated waste. This is the waste lying on the roads and outside our houses. This is the waste which is being burnt or dumped in the landfills everyday.
It contains food waste, plastics, cardboard, meat, blood, diapers, sanitary napkins, metals, stones and everything else that you can possibly imagine.It is humanly impossible to manually separate food waste from plastics, cardboard, sanitary napkins etc.
Even if it was possible, who would put his or her hands into this stinking waste?
Even if someone was ready to put his or her hands is it humane?
Absolutely Not! - IT IS A HEALTH HAZARD
With the objective to protect mother earth and provide dignity of labour, we designed the world's first (patented) completely automated mixed municipal waste segregation system - TrashBot.

TrashBot segregates this impossible mixed waste without humans touching it into two components
1. Biodegradables
This consists of food waste and wet waste. The biodegradables can be converted into
a. manure by composting
b. biogas by biomethanation

2. Non-biodegradables
This consists of plastics, polymers, aluminium foils and the likes. The nonbiodegradables can be recycled into
a. recycled sheets (WoW Boards) similar to plywood or particle boards using TrashCon's proprietory recycling technology which can then be converted into beautiful furniture items
b. plastic roads
c. RDF (fuel) for cement kilns.
Thus, ensuring a completely Zero Waste System.

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