Sustainable Gifts

Approx. Price: ₹100
Vendor: Pepaa Products Pvt Ltd

Net-Zero Impact
Net-Zero Claims
  • Recycled / Reused material used
  • Reduces deforestation / encourages afforestation
  • Saves resources used in production


The mega plantable stationery gift box is a pack of eco-friendly color pencils, Plantable Seed Pencils, and Plantable Seed Pens, Plantable Notepads, Grow Kit, and Jute bag. We bring together this vast range of products in a gift box for you because we understand your trouble of thinking about a gift for people. This gift box solves all your problems of thinking and worrying. All you have to do is order this beautiful box full of gifts from our website, and you are all set to impress whoever receives it. 

How is Mega Plantable Stationery Gift Box the best gift ever?

The mega plantable stationery gift box is undoubtedly the best gift idea ever. We are so confident about it because it is both useful and purposeful. Usually, the gifts that we buy from gift shops are showpieces that are only good to look at. Neither do they create any utility nor have a message. Gifts like that are certainly not appreciated. But the mega plantable stationery gift box is definitely an impressive gift. It is full of items that one can use, and the message behind this gift box is simply heart touching. In fact, this box of plantable stationery has a hidden second gift as well. It is the seed embedded in the stationery items that grow up to be trees once planted. 

Who can I gift the Mega Plantable Stationery Gift Box to?

The mega plantable stationery gift box makes for an amazing gift for basically anyone. We don’t think it would be inappropriate to gift someone a colorful collection of stationery items that are not only good to look at but also good for nature. In fact, you can also get your gift box customized. 


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