Plantable Stationery Jute Bag Kit

Approx. Price: ₹100
Vendor: Pepaa Products Pvt Ltd

Net-Zero Impact
Net-Zero Claims
  • Reduces pollution levels
  • Reduces deforestation / encourages afforestation
  • Locally sourced product


Our plantable stationery jute bag kit contains a number of our products in the following quantities –

Plantable Pens – 4

Plantable Pencils – 4

Plantable Note pad – 1

Jute bag – 1

So, this kit is basically inclusive of all the supplies one needs at school, college, office, and even home. The need for stationery items is undeniable, but the need to save the planet is greater than anyone else’s needs. So, we, at Pepaa, decided to bring the best of both worlds by making stationery items that are eco-friendly.

The making of Plantable Stationery Jute bag Kit

The making of our plantable stationery jute bag kit has been beautiful and fun at the same time. The energy we felt while conceiving the idea for these eco-friendly products was unparalleled, not to forget the enthusiastic production process. We knew what we were doing. We were starting a green revolution, and just the thought of having you join us has inspired every single member of our Pepaa family. We are proud to mention that, not just the ingredients, but the production process of all our products are eco-friendly as well. You would be thrilled to know that most of the items on Pepaa are handmade. We believe in saving energy and giving back our love to the planet. 

How to plant The Plantable Stationery

Planting the plantable stationery is as easy as ABC. If it’s the plantable notepad, you must first wait until you have completely used it. Once you are done using it, simply soak the seed embedded pages of the notepad in water overnight. Tear the soaked page in small pieces the next morning and simply plant it in soil. Now all you need to do is water the soil and place it in sunlight. Soon, you will notice that little flower or fruit plants are growing up. Similarly, in the case of plantable pens and pencils, you will find a small seed stored at the bottom. After using the pens and pencils, simply take the seed out and plant it in the soil.

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