Indoor Air Purification

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Clairco has low pressure drop MERV- 11, MERV-13 and MERV-14 filters  with IPD of 40 Pa, 70 Pa and 110 Pa respectively at 500 FPM. Each filter is applicable for different HVAC systems. The filters are GreenPro Ecolabel certified enabling our clients to get additional credits in green building certification systems. Clairco also has IoT based independent air purification units for commercial spaces without central-air conditioners.

Clairco’s energy optimization solutions can bring your energy bill down up to 25%. Clairco’s proprietary Nanoclair technology eliminates airborne pathogens including Sars-Cov-2. We retrofit HVAC systems with Clairco’s proprietary low-pressure drop high-efficency filters to ensure 90-95% better indoor AQI with respect to outdoor AQI.

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