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IRIS CARBON® supports the authoring of Environmental, Social, and Governance disclosure reports and is the first SaaS solution to facilitate the digital transformation of sustainability data across geographies using the highly-popular XBRL format. Investors and stakeholders of business information today are looking beyond the financial performance of an entity to what effect its actions have on the environment and society in which it operates. Sustainability reporting helps entities communicate how their activities affect their external environment and the risks they face from that environment.

A number of sustainability disclosure frameworks exist at this point. They include the SASB* Standards, the TCFD* framework, and the GRI* standards. However, the newly-created ISSB* is attempting to merge several of those frameworks due to the highly fragmented nature of ESG reporting and the resultant lack of comparability. XBRL was chosen for the convenience the format offers in accessing, analyzing, and comparing financial information by simply facilitating the production of machine-readable information. In 2018, the SEC updated its mandate to replace XBRL with the more advanced Inline XBRL (iXBRL) as the new medium for receiving corporate filings into the EDGAR system.

  1. High-quality ESG reporting can bring benefits such as lower costs of capital, increased shareholder value, and higher investment interest over the long term.
  2. Investors are beginning to rely on ESG ratings and scores as indicators of entities’ long-term stability in place of the traditional financial or credit ratings.
  3. Due to the focus on sustainability, corporate valuations are moving beyond financial and tangible factors and beginning to consider the non-financial aspects of business activity.
  4. Due to the uncertainty surrounding climate and environmental changes, entities facing lesser risk from external factors are being considered safer for long-term investments.


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