Energy Optimisation Services (IOT)

Net-Zero Impact
Net-Zero Claims
  • Efficient energy usage
  • Reduces pollution levels


Clairco uses proprietary AI engine to reduce HVAC energy consumption by 25% which pays for the cost of Air Quality management achieving zero net-cost for clients.

Our full-featured web dashboard allows you to download historical data, compare monitors, plot averages, and generate reports. It helps you detect trends in your indoor air quality over time which assists business decisions. We provide Treated Fresh Air (TFA) and automate fresh air fan operations based on our proprietary  algorithms which takes into account both PM 2.5 and CO2 levels to optimise the air flow indoors. We also monitor filter performance using Differential Pressure Transmitters (DPT) & predicting filter life. We display the real time air quality data of entire property using our secure login enabled dashboard with deep insights.

Clairco’s UVGI system is designed as per ISHRAE guidelines to achieve a radiation of 4016 μW/sq cm. The UVC lamps used are of 254 nm wavelength. UVGI in AHUs has been recommended post the COVID-19 outbreak for tackling airborne pathogens as well as microbes deposited on cooling coils of AHUs. This application is reported to reduce maintenance costs, reduce pressure drop across the evaporator coils, and improve heat transfer of evaporator coils, therefore resulting in overall energy savings. The UVGI systems are NABL certified and the lamps and ballasts used are CE certified. 

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