Eco-Friendly Paper Pencil - Black (Pack of 10)

Approx. Price: ₹100
Vendor: Pepaa Products Pvt Ltd

Net-Zero Impact
Net-Zero Claims
  • Recycled / Reused material used
  • Reduces deforestation / encourages afforestation


The eco-friendly paper pencil is a protest against the mindless deforestation of trees for wooden pencils. In simpler words, this magical product has been made from waste after recycling it. These pencils are basically made out of paper, and nature has not been harmed in any way during the making of these pencils. 

The need for Eco-friendly Paper Pencil

The need for eco-friendly paper pencils simply cannot be denied. For starters, we are facing climate change, which of course, is a result of deforestation amongst many other cruel activities done to the planet by us humans. While we exploit the earth, we forget that if there is no planet, there is no us. So, switching to eco-friendly alternatives is the need of time. If we don’t take action right now, we will have to face an apocalypse real soon. None of us are ready for that. So, let’s take a pledge today to save trees and use eco-friendly products like the eco-friendly paper pencil. 

The uses of Eco-friendly Paper Pencil

The uses of the eco-friendly paper pencil are pretty much the same as a regular wood pencil. We don’t understand why anyone would want to draw a line based on the usage here. If a line of discrimination must be drawn between eco-friendly paper pencil and regular wood pencil, it is on the basis of morality. The eco-friendly paper pencil respects nature while the regular wood pencil is made from virgin wood. It is clear which pencil has been more ethically produced. The eco-friendly paper pencil is good enough for writing, drawing, shading, and sketching. It is black in color and writes smoothly.

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