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Approx. Price: ₹170
Vendor: ABC Ceramic Services

Net-Zero Impact
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  • Locally sourced material
  • Saves power
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S.R.I Weather proof tiles are ECBC compliant and are suitable for Green Buildings targeting IGBC-LEED certification.

Patented in design with a reasonable choice of colours and designs, S.R.I tiles are glazed to achieve maximum whiteness and scratch resistance. The glossy matt finish is embossed and delivers an anti-skid surface as well. The grooves are also glossy and this facilitates easy cleaning.

With a solar reflectance index of 95, water resistant by nature and waterproof upon installation with the correct techniques, our product is assured to deliver impeccable performance and excellent value for money. The tiles have an open pore ratio greater than 32% and this offers additional insulation as well.Salt spray tested and certified by government laboratories, we guarantee that our products do not lose colour, blister, peel, or flak if correctly installed using recommended guidelines.

Available sizes and dimensions

Design 1 : Patent registration no : 252175 (300 × 300 × 8 mm)
Design 2 : Patent registration no : 287568 (300 × 200 × 7 mm)

Available colours

White, pink, blue

Available varieties

Solid rectangular tiles, hollow block tiles, hollow and mica filled block tiles.


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